NGUTC-2030 specifications:
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Approvals: CSA “C” - “US” for ordinary locations.

Terminal blocks:

Power terminals for #20 to #6 AWG Signal terminals for #28 to #12 AWG
Power in: L/L1, N/L2. Sensors: RTD1 #1-2-3-4
Heater out: H1, H2/N. RTD2 #5-6-7-8
  RTD3 #12-13-14-15*
  Alarm relay: #9-10-11
  Door: #16-17
  Override input: #18-19

*RTD3 can be used as a 3rd temperature control sensor or serve as a high temperature limit for plastic piping protection.

Indicator light: Multi-function three color LED.

Valid temperature range: -5 to +100°C (23 to 212 °F).

Alarm/Electronic thermostat reset: Push button.

Input voltage range: 120-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz.

Alarm output: 1 A max, 240 Vac max., 50/60 Hz, SPDT (form C) relay output configured for “fail-safe” operation.

Enclosure: Nema 4, gray painted steel with ¼ turn latch.

Power output: 2 pole relay output rated 30 A - 240 Vac.

Monitoring and alarming: The electronics monitor low temperature (when enabled), ground fault current, connected load current, open / shorted temperature sensor(s), high temperature (when enabled) & functional MCU (Heartbeat).

Operating ambient temperature: -40 to +50 °C (-40 to 122 °F).

Current monitoring: Up to 30A.

Display: OLED display module (2 lines x 16 characters) that will indicate alarms, temperatures, load current, GFI, serial number & software version. ON/OFF switch installed inside enclosure.

Programming: USB port to download standard or custom program codes in the electronic card.

Factory programmable:

Low temperature alarm: Feature can be enabled to provide low temperature alarm on RTD1, RTD2 and/or RTD3.

Low temperature setpoint range: -10 to 90°C (14 to 194 °F).

Remote override: The user may force the unit on/off via a remote dry contact. Factory adjustable to operate in timed (1-48 hours) or non-timed mode.

Temperature control: Three 3-wire 100 @ 0 °C (32 °F) Platinum RTD (alpha=0,00385 //°C) lead compensated to 20 per lead.

Control temperature setpoint range: -5 to +100 °C (23 to 212 °F).

Deadband: 1 to 5 °C (1.8 to 9 °F).

Auto-cycle: The electronic thermostat performs an auto-cycle test (if enabled) by turning on the load to measure the ground fault leakage current when the electronic thermostat is energized and then at 24 hours intervals. If the measured ground fault current is above the set level, the ground fault current alarm is activated.

Ground fault detection: Factory adjustable to trip or alarm only. Setting @ 30 or 100 ma.

High cable temperature: The third temperature sensor (referred to as RTD3) can be used as a high cable temperature limit for plastic piping system protection. When RTD3 is enabled (as high limit option), the high limit feature will override demand for heat and shut off the load when a high cable temperature condition is reached.

High temperature setpoint range: 10 to +100 °C (50 to 212 °F).

NGUTC-2230 specifications:

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Same specifications as the NGUTC-2030 with the addition of:

Circuit breaker: 2-pole, 30 A, 240 Vac, pre-wired to the temperature control board.

Terminal blocks: Incoming power lugs at the circuit breaker for: # 14 to # 4 AWG.