Urecon Constant Watt Thermocable®

Best suited as an “off-the-shelf” product used on circuits which do not exceed 140m at 120V; 240m at 240V; 425m at 600V, THERMOCABLE® fluoropolymer constant watt cut - to - length heat tracing cable is a parallel resistance type heating strip which uses a thermally stable nichrome heating wire, with a series of heating zones. These heating zones produce constant, predictable wattage per meter output. THERMOCABLE® is ideally suited for pulling into trace conduits on Urecon pre-insulated metal or plastic pipe systems.

This tracer can be used on any type of pipe, either metal or plastic. It is available in several watt densities and voltages as indicated in table below.

Its features are:

  • Urecon THERMOCABLE® is designed specifically for the freeze protection of Urecon U.I.P.® pre-insulated pipe.  These low wattage Fluoropolymer jacketed electric heating cables are intended for field pulling into trace conduits which are attached to the carrier pipe, beneath the factor applied polyurethane insulation.
  • Suitable for both metal and plastic pre-insulated pipe systems.
  • Proven reliability for over twenty years with millions of meters installed across North America.
  • Fluoropolymer jacketed, rugged, water resistant, easy to pull into trace conduits.
  • Adhesive lined, heat shrinkable, CSA approved termination and splice kits available.
  • ‘Constant Watt’ output permits thawing of pipe content under certain conditions.  Systems may be designed with sufficient watt density for thawing with THERMOCABLE®
  • For long circuit lengths, #12 AWG bus wires are used.  This results in the use of fewer power feed points and controllers.  For even longer circuit lengths (up to 1400 ft), 575 volt THERMOCABLE® is available.  For shorter circuit lengths (such as house services), #16 AWG bus wires are used.
  • Since constant wattage cable does not have inrush current as with ‘Self Limiting’ cables, smaller circuit breakers, wiring and fewer power points are required resulting in reduced cost of the system.
  • THERMOCABLE® may be tested after installation and prior to system commissioning:
    • Megger test to ground for insulation resistance
    • Read and register resistance between bus wires, record for future reference.
    • Apply supply voltage, read Ampere current draw, record for future reference.
  • Cables are colour coded for easy field identification.  Helps eliminate the mistake of puling in the wrong cable on projects where several cable types are being installed.
  • One source responsibility from Urecon for the pre-insulated pipe package (pipe, insulation, tracing and controllers).
  • CSA certified to pertaining Canadian standards for wet locations.

Urecon Thermocable® Constant Watt Trace Cable for Pre-Insulated Pipes

Color Watts Volts Bus
Circuit Length
per meter per foot meters feet
C7-120-COJ Blue 7 2 120 12 140 450
C8-120-COJ Red 8 2.4 120 16 80 275
C13-120-COJ Yellow 13 4 120 12 125 400
C10-240-COJ Green 10 3 240 12 245 800
C13-240-COJ Red 13 4 240 12 245 800
C20-240-COJ Orange 20 6 240 12 200 650
C26-240-COJ White 26 8 240 12 175 570
Clear 13
575 12 425
C20-575-COJ Violet 20 6 575 12 365 1200


  1. Weight of cable is approximately .22 kg/m (15 lbs/100 ft).
  2. C8-120-COJ is a #16 AWG bus cable, suitable for short length pipe tracing.
  3. C13-575-COJ and C20-575-COJ are 575 volt, single phase THERMOCABLE® and are especially suited for long circuit lengths.
  4. Alternate voltages: should THERMOCABLE® be connected to less than its rated voltage, the actual thermal output will be reduced. Calculate the actual thermal output as follows:

  5. This cable is not recommended for internal tracing.
  6. Teflon® is a registered trademark of Dupont.
  7. THERMOCABLE® is a registered trademark of Urecon.