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EN-DS-08E - U.I.P. System - PVC casing - above & below grade - chilled water
EN-DS-02E - U.I.P. Standard System - below grade
EN-DS-04E - U.I.P. System – PE casing above grade

EN-DS-03E - U.I.P. system - Spiwrap above grade

Urecon | Celebrating 50 Years | 1969-2019

Low Temperature Systems (Cryogenic)

Urecon pre-insulated pipe can be used for low temperature application with virtually any core pipe. Pipe can be installed on pipe racks, sleepers or even shallow buried. With our system, the pipe is insulated in the factory and arrives on site ready to install. In food process, we commonly see the use of copper carrier pipe with 50 mm (2 in) to 100 mm (4 in) thick factory applied polyurethane foam with a white PVC jacket.

Urecon's unique method of insulating 'over the bell' of socket joined PVC and CPVC (or push-on DI) pipe means no more bare pipe joints or expensive joint kits.  See Bell x Spigot or Push On Joints.

Contact Urecon for more info and help with custom design/calculations.