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Urecon | Celebrating 50 Years | 1969-2019

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Urecon offers a complete range of pre-insulated service pipe and duct for freeze protection of municipal services and small diameter piping.

The use of Urecon pre-insulated pipe or duct can result in a substantial increase in the time to freeze of small diameter municipal water services. Hundreds of communities, from those located in the remote north, to major urban centres in the south, have solved their service freezing problems with Urecon pre-insulated pipe and duct. The use of Urecon pre-insulated service pipes and ducts can result in a reduction of excavation costs, as they can be buried in the active frost zone (with low wattage electric tracing if necessary) and resist freezing. Savings are greatest when rock is encountered, as it is less expensive to pre-insulate and shallow bury water and sewer service pipes than to blast and deep bury in rocky conditions.

There are several advantages in using U.I.P.® pre-insulated municipal service pipe and duct over conventional uninsulated materials:

  • Economical installed cost.
  • Solves the problem of frozen municipal services.
  • Factory applied rigid polyurethane insulation, the lowest K factor of all commercially available insulation.
  • Adhesive backed, water tight, impact resistant and UV inhibited polyethylene outer protective jacket. A selection of alternate jacket materials for above ground applications also available.
  • A complete range of compatible fittings and polymer coated insulation kits, such as saddle/corporation stop and curb stop kits, is available.
  • THERMOCABLE® low wattage electric tracing system especially designed for service applications. Our THERMOCABLE® heat tracing system is designed to compensate for heat losses through the insulation and prevent freezing of the service pipe.

Two Systems - Pre-Insulated Pipe vs. Pre-Insulated Duct

There are two pre-insulated service systems available: pre-insulated municipal service pipe (either type K copper or HDPE) or pre-insulated PVC or HDPE duct, through which standard un-insulated municipal service pipe is pulled. Both systems are available with THERMOCABLE® low wattage electric tracing to prevent freezing. Each system offers distinct advantages depending on the application, number of services, transportation constraints, etc.

Advantages of the pre-insulated pipe system:

  • Pre-Insulated pipe has less heat loss (tracer input) because the small diameter service pipe is insulated directly.            
  • Pre-Insulated pipe is easier to install, as there is no pulling in of service pipe within a duct Advantages of pre-insulated duct system:
  • Pre-Insulated duct may be stocked and used for various diameters of service pipe.
  • Pre-Insulated duct may be shipped in shorter lengths, joined on site and the service pipe, which is supplied in coils, pulled in without joints (provided the coil length of the service pipe is not exceeded).

Both systems have a proven track record of success.