Kingspan LOGSTOR European Piping Systems

Who is Kingspan LOGSTOR?

Headquartered in Denmark, Kingspan LOGSTOR is the world’s pre-eminent producer of pre-insulated pipe systems employing over 1400 people in 9 production facilities.  Kingspan LOGSTOR is credited with having invented pre-insulated pipe technology and have supplied more than 160,000 km (99,500 miles) of pipe with over 50 years experience in fine tuning every detail.  

Urecon proudly distributes Kingspan LOGSTOR hot water district heating pipe products throughout Canada and the US.  Click here to learn more about the company or visit their website at

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What does “European Standard” mean?

Kingspan LOGSTOR produces bonded hot water district heating pipe systems to strict European (EN standards) which guarantee the highest level of quality at every step of the production process.

There are seven standards:

EN 253 Pre-insulated bonded pipe for hot water district heating
EN 448 Pre-insulated fittings
EN 488 Pre-insulated valves
EN 489 Joint kits
EN 13941 Design and installation
EN 15698 Twin Pipes
EN 14419 Surveillance Systems

The standards test all aspects of the individual components (insulation cell structure/water absorption/ compression resistance) plus ensure compliance of the finished system to five rigorous tests: axial and tangential shear strength, aged shear strength, creep and impact resistance.  These tests better predict overall long term behaviour of the system under sustained high temperature.  Precise knowledge of the physical characteristics of the system leads to more precise stress calculations.

Additional features of an EN standard pipe system:

  • Thin wall steel pipe (schedule 10 to 20) allows for 4 different laying methods eliminating U-loops and keeping the pipe layout in straight lines thus reducing installation time/costs.
  • Direct buried valves, eliminating expensive man-holes.
  • Joint kits complying to strict standards resulting in a completely dry environment when exposed to underground water and pipe thermal expansion.
  • Reliable leak detection of entire system – even fittings.
  • One-stop shopping for all components – including valves … all compliant to the same strict standards.

Why choose Kingspan LOGSTOR EN hot water piping over conventional North American products?

Predictable quality due to attention to every detail required by the EN standards with Kingspan LOGSTOR hot water district heating pipe.  In North America, there are separate standards for the steel pipe, polyurethane foam and HDPE casing.  Although tests are often carried out on these individual components, there are no requirements for compliance of the entire system. 

Experience with hot water district energy systems is far greater in Europe – especially Denmark.    

Kingspan LOGSTOR piping comes with a 5 year warranty (traditional North American warranties are generally 1 year).

Professional local technical support – from design to installation.

Peace of mind.


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Kingspan LOGSTOR system adds value to District Energy